Health management

At BHS, health management is far more than just making the workplace a health-promoting environment or preventing work accidents and occupational illnesses. Instead, it is more about encouraging employees to behave in a way that protects their health and regulating the conditions in our company so that they promote job satisfaction and motivate our employees. Motivated, productive and healthy employees are essential to our success as a company.


"Gesund läufts rund"

Healthy employees keep the wheels turning

With this motto, specially trained BHS health coaches advocate for more movement in the workplace. This includes offerings for reducing stress-related issues as well as little exercises to strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system, which can be easily incorporated into the daily routine. You can work up a sweat on our company runs, group jogs or on cycling tours. With the i-gb card, we encourage private employee activities by offering benefits with healthcare providers. Our health letter is published on a monthly basis. It provides suggestions for leading a conscious lifestyle: from basic medical information to advice on healthy nutrition and disease prevention.

Regular health check-ups

Health starts with prevention. There is a lot of interest in check-ups that take place during working hours. Services range from skin screenings, allergy tests, pulmonary function checks, carotid artery screenings and osteoporosis checks to flu vaccination and eye exercises. Seminars on stress prevention, giving up smoking and healthy eating are also offered. Many ideas relating to this topic also come from our employees, e.g. ‘Losing weight for a good cause.’ The pounds lost were weighed out in pasta and donated to Selb’s food bank.

Training with a real-life boxing champion

How do I stay healthy and keep in shape? BHS addresses this important issue in a number of ways. Former professional boxer Torsten May got employees to come out of their shells and showed them how to do a hook. As an ambassador of the campaign ‘Top athletes motivate employees’, May gave away interesting details about his own life and career marked by ups and downs. He motivated participants to incorporate more movement into their daily routines. According to May, it is important to overcome temptation and simply get started – even if that just means going for a walk. The eyes of those in attendance lit up when the former world champion went on to demonstrate how to keep fit at work with the odd stretching exercises and short boxing sessions.

Fresh-air freaks

Jogging, cross-country skiing, swimming, bowling, back training – these leisure activities are a firm component of the activities that health management has on offer.

A group from logistics thought about doing something completely different and went on a special kind of trip – a snowshoe hike in deep snow. In Steinwald (Oberpfalz), the group conquered 9 kilometres and reached 200 metres in altitude in the process. After plenty of fresh air, stiff legs and burning a lot of calories, a hearty snack was waiting for them at their destination. Activities like these not only promote health but also team spirit and solidarity.

Not for show – pragmatic occupational safety

Health, along with physical and psychological integrity, are fundamental human rights. That is why accident prevention, plant safety and occupational safety are among the fundamental maxims of our company.

It is not just our machinery that needs to meet strict safety standards. The conduct of employees also requires regular practice and motivation. We turn our safety requirements into concrete measures with suitable aids, information, qualifications and, most importantly, regular training. For us, occupational safety is something to be taken seriously, which does not mean that we don’t occasionally approach the related issues light-heartedly.