The core element of our company culture

Respectful conduct

These days, many companies put forward an entire code of values. Our company culture can be outlined by just one value. It is characterised by a fundamental attitude which is best captured by the word ‘respect’.

We have respect for people who work with us and for us. We respect their work, commitment and loyalty. And we also have respect for their individual differences, which is paired with a willingness to encourage them and further their training. This is also part of our responsibility as an employer. In our work environment, mutual respect lays the foundation for an openness that facilitates fair cooperation. It allows creative blocks to be overcome, both in our minds and within our organisation. We share our expertise and cooperate with one another – from the company management to each individual employee. We do not perceive mistakes as failure, but as opportunity. They shine a light on our weaknesses and often point to new paths leading to innovation and improvement.

Trust is the most powerful currency

Our management is based on long-term focus, and that also applies to dealing with people. Those who have committed to constant change through innovation with the aim of staying abreast of the market require a good compass and commitment to their values. The respect we show our employees creates a positive sentiment, which in turn establishes mutual trust - trust in the potential of employees and trust in the leadership skills of management in equal measure. The success of this attitude is reflected in the fact that staff turnover is extremely low. More than 50% of employees have been with us for 25 or even 40 years – positive proof of a solid company culture and a good working atmosphere.

Our principles

Our company culture is marked by our unwavering willingness to improve. Our employees are our most valuable pool of ideas, and that’s why we honour every suggestion.

We don’t perceive mistakes as failure, but as an opportunity to learn and do things differently and better.

Ideas come to the surface when different departments work together. That’s why we cultivate a culture of open doors – this allows us to learn and progress.

Our leadership team is responsible for supporting employees and providing a framework for a successful working environment.

Our conduct towards one another is characterised by honesty, respect and fairness. Mutual recognition and constructive criticism allow us to increase our productivity.

We keep our promises. We place strong emphasis on correct and conscientious execution in all tasks and services.

Every employee has a high level of personal responsibility. We actively share our knowledge and information. We cooperate with one another and rely on self-monitoring.

Effort pays off. Good ideas are regularly rewarded.