We shape responsibility

BHS takes on economic, social and environmental responsibility – both now and for future generations. Our goal is to responsibly and sustainably carry the commercial success and stability of BHS into the future.

Our commitment to the location of Germany reflects our social responsibility. We safeguard jobs and support our employees. Sustainable economic activity and modern environmental management are firmly anchored in both our processes and our code of conduct. We are mindful of sustainable criteria when selecting our partners.

Respect for nature

We are committed to conserving the natural resources provided by our planet as much as possible. In more general terms, we undertake to preserve our living environment. This is not always easy when operating in an energy-intensive industry. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on making our impact on the environment more acceptable as well as reducing it.

A culture of change

Innovation lies outside of the comfort zone

Only those with the courage to break away from trusted ways of thinking and come up against resistance are rewarded with new ideas and solutions. Nothing distinguishes our company more than the willingness to change and be different. That sounds like a rather burdensome task, and it is. This starts with our organisation, which is constantly adapting to new requirements,

opening up to new business areas, partnerships and technologies. Added to that is the fact that everyone in our company has ample opportunity to put his or her ideas forward and help us change.

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