Storytelling at the table

Today, food is not just about satisfying hunger. These days, restaurant visits are short journeys around the world; guests try new things, talk amongst themselves and want to be entertained. Our attitude towards life and our individual values determine what we eat and don’t eat.

In light of this, the food service industry has no choice but to make an innovative statement. The setting and menu should reflect the culinary philosophy and tell the stories behind the food and preparations. Refined dining is thus transformed into an all-round experience, stimulating all of the senses.

The new role of food presentation


This shift means that the choice of tableware and presentation on the plate is more important than ever before. The design, colour and material of the plates are as much a part of the chef's message as the skilful composition of dishes. This interplay creates interesting alliances between the original product, the chef and the guest - transforming culinary design into an intuitive language that conveys the messages of the chef to the guest.

„We live in times of rapid and continuous social change. With the general increase in mobility and due to changing family structures people dine out more and more often – in restaurants, hotels and airplanes, in staff canteens or retirement homes. Being part of this international trend and experiencing the growing markets of tourism and foodservice is one of the most exciting challenges.” Felix Gittermann, Executive Director International Sales


Three tradition-steeped porcelain brands under one roof

Those who serve the world need to be familiar with different cultures. The world’s best establishments value attractive design and the professional all-in-one service of our three brands – BAUSCHER, TAFELSTERN and SCHÖNWALD. Food served on our porcelain is eaten in places ranging from AIDA cruises and the five-star hotel Hyatt Andaz in Delhi, India to the staff canteen of Porsche.

BAUSCHER – function shapes aesthetic design

BAUSCHER develops creative solutions for inspiring food presentation that concurrently simplify use – for the gourmet chef as well as the waiting staff, the caterer or people in need of care. In turn, this creates the well-thought-out functionality paired with aesthetic appeal for which BAUSCHER is renowned. The brand is admired in all areas of food service for its ground-breaking innovations. The most recent example of this was Purity, a collection made of innovative, filigree porcelain Noble China or Airflow, a collection offering system expertise in healthcare.

TAFELSTERN – dine with style

TAFELSTERN provides high-quality, well-designed collections of premium quality for the international hotel and restaurant segment. The strong purist understatement in its outstanding designs is deliberate: products from different lines can be combined and arranged in diverse and sophisticated ways, offering a perfect setup for modern refined dining. The most recent example: Coffee Tasting – the refined solution for coffee specialities from all over the world.

SCHÖNWALD – everything you need for a perfect performance

The temperature rises when professionals get cooking. SCHÖNWALD is familiar with the tough conditions that porcelain is up against every day in the chef’s world, where food is imaginatively cooked, experimented with and served – day in, day out. SCHÖNWALD offers a number of versatile collections, which fulfil various functions at the table, for a wide range of food trends and concepts; it is then up to the chef to define their role. The latest addition is Shiro, a collection with a modern, purist design that inspires casual presentation.

Competition within the family stimulates business

How do you manage three brands and a trend range under one roof? It’s simple: with competition and team spirit. Each of them has its own personality with it's own areas of focus. What they have in common is that they all offer excellent product quality and an excellent service – this not just seen as a promise but as part of the entire company’s DNA. All benefit from the logistics infrastructure and the qualities of BHS tabletop AG in equal measure.