Our business model

BHS tabletop AG is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of professional tabletop products paired with flexible, customised services. Our business model combines innovative products and high quality with expert advice and top performance in logistics. We enable a broad spectrum of customers in the food service industry across the globe to create modern, professional, yet individual refined dining experiences.

Our products can be found in luxury Caribbean resorts as well as in Scandinavian stadium lounges and German retirement homes - for us, refined dining is not just about dining at the highest level. Refined dining can take place anywhere, be it in gourmet restaurants, small bistros, above the clouds, staff canteens with capacity for 500 or in patient catering in hospitals – in almost every environment. We offer attractive, elegant, durable and cost-effective solutions for every budget and every need.

From porcelain manufacturer to tabletop specialist

BHS tabletop AG has a long tradition and strong roots. In 1814, it started operations as porcelain manufacturer C. M. Hutschenreuther. Porcelain manufacturer SCHÖNWALD was established in 1879, which was followed by the foundation of porcelain manufacturer Gebrueder BAUSCHER in Weiden in 1881.

The step to global market leadership was taken in 1998 by making an unsentimental decision: the company split from the consumer market, changed the company’s name from Hutschenreuther AG to BHS tabletop AG and has put all of its focus into the growing market of professional food service ever since.

Since then, the company has been expanding its leading position by means of smart, cautious management, strategic alliances and quick responses to market changes. In doing so, BHS has systematically expanded its tabletop skills, often acting as a trendsetter in the international food scene. The most recent example of this is the highly-publicised launch of PLAYGROUND, a trend range offering unusual products and table accessories made of a wide range of materials. Another would be the innovative solution Pabis for Industry 4.0: an RFID chip attached to the porcelain transmits specific information straight to the checkout – an advance that modern BOSCH and BASF staff canteens are enthusiastic about.


Growing expertise

Three of the oldest and the world’s most successful porcelain brands are brought together under the umbrella of BHS tabletop AG: Bauscher, Tafelstern and Schönwald. In 2017, BHS added Playground to its tabletop portfolio – an ever-evolving trend range that is designed, developed and marketed in-house. The company Tools & Technologies (T&T), specialising in tool making with registered offices in Schönwald, has also long been part of the corporate family. As a highly specialised innovation partner of BHS, T&T not only provides the entire spectrum of tool making as well as automation technology and special machine construction internally, it also offers these to external customers.

Strong links

The group has boosted its sales strength on the basis of international alliances: BauscherHepp Inc. represents the tabletop expertise of BHS in the North American market with a committed sales team and its own showrooms in Raleigh, Chicago and New York. The long-established English company Artis joined the BHS Group at the end of 2014. It markets a complex, comprehensive package of tabletop products in the United Kingdom and Ireland in addition to putting the brands Tafelstern and Bauscher on the market.

Success requires a culture of change

Those who want to be successful in a crisis-torn market that is characterised by excess capacities and cheap imports need a clear-cut strategy and broad shoulders. 

Christian Strootmann has been in charge of the world market leader since 2012. For years, BHS has been growing counter to the industry trend and has seen positive developments compared to competitors. Strootmann leads the company in close cooperation with his colleague Rainer Schwarzmeier, who has directed the divisions of Production and Logistics as Member of the Board since 2008. As a new member of the Board for the divisions of Finances and Controlling, Human Resources and IT, Gernot Egretzberger has rounded off the management trio since August 2018.

From left to right: Rainer Schwarzmeier (Member of the Board), Christian Strootmann (Chief Executive Officer), Gernot Egretzberger (Member of the Board)

BHS tabletop AG is a member of the Serafin diversified group of companies, whose family philosophy of entrepreneurial tradition dates back more than 150 years. Following the principle “responsibility derived from tradition”, Serafin invests in, and develops companies whilst applying this foundation with all stakeholders. Serafin’s development is complimented through the expertise of advisory board members Prof. Dr. Bernd Gottschalk, Wolfgang Ley and Prof. Dr. Heinrich von Pierer.