About us

Hospitality – the oldest and most noble cultural skill

“We invite the world to our table” – our company claim underlines what we are about: cultivating hospitality and giving it diverse, modern forms of expression. We assist our customers across the globe in creating a sense of indulgence and well-being for their guests and presenting food in a professional and inspiring way. We help our customers to make their own take on hospitality a reality.


“With our products we provide clears answers to changing lifestyles and eating habits. They transform international food trends into porcelain. Good design is always a means to an end. The plates, cups and platters created by our designers should represent a straightforward and captivating invitation for eating and drinking. If they are unable to fulfil this simple function or, even worse, make it harder to achieve, then they are not design items, but merely chichi. However, we believe that form does not just follow function but also a gastronomic purpose. And the purpose is to surprise guests and to present pleasurable dining in an unusual way time and time again.” Birgit Dubberke, Executive Director Marketing/Developement