A long history

We have not been running our business since yesterday. On the contrary, our company can proudly look back at a successful history spanning more than 200 years and today is a a global player located in Germany. In our industry, we move like a fish in water. One crisis after another has challenged our ability to survive and made us tougher and even better. Thanks to far-sighted leadership, we have evolved to become an extremely professional organisation in an exciting market with our fascinating products used throughout the world.

The necessary agility

Future viability is not a result of rigidly sticking to systems and business models. On the contrary, we foster a culture of constant change and flexible, attentive adaptation to evolving commercial conditions and markets. This is the only way that we can resist the enormous structural change in our industry and use it to our advantage.

Promoting personal development

Our employees also experience shifts in their professional careers. Thanks to intensive advancement, interesting further development opportunities and permeable structures, everyone has options for developing themselves further and cultivating their talents. We encourage the people who work for us to add to the agility of the organisation with their creativity. Their ideas do not fall on deaf ears at BHS, instead they find a platform that is a permanent fixture of the company: our continuous improvement process (CIP). This tongue twister refers to a modern internal suggestion scheme in which an employee on the assembly line, just like a manager on the leadership team, can (and should) put forward their improvement suggestions. All ideas are honoured. The idea provider is given remuneration.

Our region

Yes. Here you will not be working in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. Selb, Schönwald and Weiden do not have opera houses, a metro or renowned parties at all hours ... But here you will find something that makes life easier and worth living. This includes affordable housing, short distances, good infrastructure and hidden natural beauty. Instead of the anonymity of big cities, we enjoy good neighbourly relations in Oberpfalz and Oberfranken. The people who live and work here are very down-to-earth, close to their roots and proud of their region. Although they are often reserved at first, the friends you make here are the friends you can count on. Finding playschool and nursery places, which are thin on the ground in the metropolises, is not an issue here. All three locations have a good range of public and private schools – from primary schools to secondary schools.


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